Feeding plants using natural resources is the most effective way to grow plants in the natural habitat. The ingredients are natural and utilised by natures creatures to help grow healthy plants. It is a manner of organic gardening that utilises organic methods and millions of species all working together.

Interspecies cooperation is a natural process where multiple species work together and produce a result. For example, a healthy plant needs a healthy microbial and worm community in its root zone and also on its leaves and flowers. Therefore, feeding our plants is also about feeding our microbes and worms.

Feeding plants with vital nutrients and minerals

So here we’ll discuss ten different ways to feed our plants. Keeping in mind that if we harvest from our garden then we need to replenish our garden. So an edible garden will need more feeding compared to an ornamental garden. Shallow rooted plants typically need more food than deep rooting plants that can dig deeper to access sub-soil nutrients.

Garden Tara’s ten different ways to feed our plants are:

  1. Home made compost – hot or cold composts
  2. Purchased compost
  3. Purchased organic fertilisers – solid or liquid
  4. Animal manures and manure teas
  5. Green manures
  6. Mulch
  7. Deep-rooted plants
  8. Rock minerals
  9. Insects and birds
  10. Recycled materials

Feeding our plants is often as much about feeding worms and microbes as it is feeding plants. Just like us, soil microbes thrive with an array of dining options presented in a balanced manner. Feeding our plants in this manner also increases the quality of our soil structure, its ability to hold and retain water and its ability to drain water away.

Sunlight and water

Sometimes we forget that the sun is a source of food and nutrition as is rain and water. A healthy plant needs a suitable amount of sunlight and water. Some plants need 6-8 hours of direct sunlight others need filtered light whilst others need shade.

Some plants need a lot of water whilst some need only a little amount. For most plants, water is a key nutrient that enables plants to continue to grow, take up nutrients and convert sunlight and mineral elements into usable plant food.


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