Trees and sunlight across Andrew Drynan Park

I went camping once to a place called Andrew Drynan Park in Northern NSW, Australia. It was there that I saw a magical tree.

I like going to this camping site. There’s usually plenty of room and the toilets are clean. It’s not free but it’s fairly cheap: currently $8/day. It’s fairly close to my home so I don’t have to drive all day to get there… and of course… the view is beautiful.

I find it really easy to relax there. Meditating is a breeze at a campsite such as this.
There’s a lush rainforest and national park behind the camp. To the front and over the road there’s a meandering creek with rocks dotted around it. This is a lovely place to sit and contemplate consciousness as a stream.

Opposite the camp site is a mountainside spotted with cattle. The birdlife is also quite abundant here with large eagles and/or kites, galah’s and cockatoos.

The ranger is a local man and he comes and visits and collects payments on a daily basis. He’s a lovely fellow and doesn’t mind a quiet chat. As I stood chatting to him one day I pointed out a strange phenomena.

I said: “What’s your take on the disappearing tree over on that knoll?”

“The what?” he asked alerted so something about the area he didn’t know.

When I pointed it out we watched for many minutes. We watched the tree on the far knoll appear and then disappear, appear and then disappear.

He said he’d never seen that before. “Not in the 47 years I’ve lived here!”

“Quite fascinating isn’t it?” I commented as we watched it fade in and fade out of existence. “How the light changes so quickly.”

“Yeah” he mumbled.

So, here’s some footage I took of the magic of the far away tree that appeared and disappeared for days!

Interesting isn’t it?


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