Garden Tara is a professional gardening and horticultural service.

We are fully insured and hold relevant licenses and qualifications to perform the services we offer. However, soon Amber will be heading off to travel through Australia. The services that Garden Tara currently offers will change from that time onward.


Garden Tara’s services include:

1. Horticultural consultations

Horticultural consultations are a way of accessing Garden Tara’s skills and knowledge and apply them directly to your garden. Most often a horticultural consultation will include Amber visiting your garden. However, increasingly Amber is working with people online and over the phone and in this way almost anyone can assess this service.

People who choose a horticultural consultation want to know more about the issues in their gardens and what the causes and remedies might be. Sometimes people contact Garden Tara to implement the remedies and other times people utilise the knowledge they’ve gained from Garden Tara and go about implementing the remedies themselves.


2. Garden constructions and amendments

Existing gardens or a lack of a garden often requires a garden construction or amendment. Sometimes only a few plants are needed and other times people want a new garden started from scratch.

Garden Tara works with clients to develop a garden design and then implements this design ensuring soil amendments, plant species and plant selections are appropriate for the client’s desired outcomes.

This service can only be offered to people, businesses, body corporates located in specific areas in Brisbane and Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.


3. Garden clean ups

Garden Clean Ups are a key way to get a garden into a state where it can maintained or a new garden constructed. It’s like peeling back what exists to reveal potential. Most of Garden Tara’s garden maintenance clients have required a garden clean up before maintenance can be implemented.

A garden clean up helps to set a standard for the garden that can then be maintained, or built upon.This service can only be offered to people, businesses, body corporates located in specific areas in Brisbane and Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.


4. Garden and/or lawn care and maintenance

Garden maintenance and lawn care services are specifically designed for each site. Some clients only need lawn care which includes picking up rubbish from the lawn, brush cutting edges of the lawn, mowing the lawn and blowing hard surfaces free of debris.

Other clients have established gardens as well and that service typically includes removing rubbish from gardens and lawns, pruning trees and shrubs, hedging shrubs, checking and monitoring plant health, providing nutrients to maintain plant health and weed control.

Contact Amber at Garden Tara to discuss obtaining a quote.


Testimonials from clients

[Amber at Garden Tara] does little extras, like removal of glass on front lawn. Piece of mind to have you looking after the garden as you take responsibility to look after it all!

Brett Sherwell


I have found Amber to be extremely reliable, alert/observant and proactive in looking after the grounds of our complex. In the short time since Amber took over the grounds maintenance, she has greatly enhanced the general appearance of the complex.  

  • Reliable because she carries out whatever is asked of her
  • Alert/observant because she can see what owners and tenants are blind to (or don’t care about when they should care)
  • Proactive because she does more than just the bare minimum. From my experience, most grounds maintenance contractors just come in, mow the lawns, trim the hedges then disappear until next time. With Amber, new mulch will be applied, new plants planted to replace dead ones and general maintenance issues (eg, fences, sinkholes, landslips) are taken care of.

 In summary, she treats the place as if it was her own. These attributes are critical with a complex with few owner-occupiers. I for one live 1000km from the complex Amber maintains for us.

 Furthermore, I have always found her pleasant to deal with and the quality of her communication (emails, quotations etc) is excellent.

 I would not hesitate in recommending Amber to any strata committee looking for a maintenance contractor who will “take the monkey off their backs’ when it comes to looking after the common property.

Colin Cool


Our unit complex had a tired, choked garden.  The Body Corporate arranged for Amber Hall Property Transformations (Garden Tara) to come in and spruce it up.  What a great job she did!  All the scruffy plants were removed and new plants put in.  The irrigation system was fixed and the whole area cleaned and tidied.  Amber used her knowledge of what plants work in Gold Coast conditions to lift the appearance of our complex at Varsity Lakes. What’s more she continues to maintain it.  Thanks Amber!

Sue Carter


Amber Hall was recommended to our body corporate committee when we were looking to engage a new contractor to look after the regular maintenance and upkeep of the common property and courtyard gardens at … Yeerongpilly.  We engaged Amber this year and are extremely happy with her work thus far.

She has a proactive approach to the maintenance and improvement of the complex and keeps the committee informed of minor maintenance issues that arise and provides us with suggested remedial actions. She has recently provided us with proposals to give the common property a facelift by way of new plantings in the gardens and staining of the timber fences.  

The committee decided to go with her proposal and we could not be happier with the outcome. Amber has given the complex a modern and fresh facelift that can only increase the value of our property. I would highly recommend Amber for any property maintenance/garden landscaping requirements that you have.

Carol Leeson


Amber Hall has worked for me on a casual but regular basis as a gardener.  At all times I have found her to be reliable, hardworking and energetic – over the years, I have had many young people working for me in this capacity but I say without hesitation that Amber has been the most efficient worker I have had.

She has a quiet, agreeable personality.  Her presence while carrying out her tasks is unobtrusive and she is always polite and pleasant, willingly carrying out whatever task I appoint her.  I recommend her most highly.

 D.B Baldwin


Amber is lovely and the plant she’s drawn up for my garden is exactly what I was hoping for and within my budget. She really heard what I was trying to achieve and delivered on that. I’m so looking forward to seeing the plant in place and blooming!

Robynne Kilbourne Blake